Still searching for the final piece in your antique collection? Here at Chaffer Antiques we may have the very thing that you’ve been looking for. We are experts at sourcing rare collectables for our customers and their exquisite taste in antiques. Antique Magic Lantern slides, a 1984 French vinyl and a range of vintage souvenir mugs are just some of the artefacts that we’ve sourced for our passionate customers and their antique collections.

Or perhaps it’s time to discover something new? If you’re new to collecting antiques, we have plenty of matching antiques that can be purchased together to start the collection you’ve always dreamed of having. Here at Chaffer Antiques we’ve collated a wide array of all different collectables, perfect for someone still developing their taste in antiques and interior décor. From hand-stitched, framed needlework to an antique Jack in the Box, we have pieces that will add something special to every room in your home. With both novelty items and authentic WWII artefacts, Chaffer Antiques is a treasure trove for truly unique and rare collectables. Each item comes with its own past for you to discover, so why not browse our collection to see what you can find today?

Don’t miss out and add some history to your home today with our Antique Collectables.

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